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Black Canary ID=1944

Black Cat ID=1969

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ID=1954

Black Canary $25.00

Black Cat $30.00

Buffy the Vampire Slayer $45.00

Catwoman ID=1953

Cavewoman ID=1958

Death ID=2002

Catwoman $275.00

Cavewoman $35.00

Death $40.00

Elektra ID=1970

Flash Gordon ID=1965

Glory ID=1973

Elektra $35.00

Flash Gordon $30.00

Glory $125.00

Green Lantern ID=1986

Green Lantern ID=1955

Green Lantern ID=1956

Green Lantern $25.00

Green Lantern $25.00

Green Lantern $40.00

Green Lantern ID=1985

Grimm Fairy Tales May the 4th Cosplay Special ID=1994

Gwen Stacy ID=2001

Green Lantern $25.00

Grimm Fairy Tales May the 4th Cosplay Special $250.00

Gwen Stacy $20.00

Huntress ID=1948

Inhumans ID=1987

Jean Grey ID=1993

Huntress $30.00

Inhumans $175.00

Jean Grey $20.00

Juggernaut ID=1936

Lady Loki ID=1949

Lara Croft ID=1974

Juggernaut $30.00

Lady Loki $40.00

Lara Croft $30.00

Mary Jane ID=1989

Mary Jane ID=1952

Mera ID=1999

Mary Jane $30.00

Mary Jane $25.00

Mera $25.00

Phantom Lady ID=1992

Poison Ivy ID=1966

Poison Ivy ID=1971

Phantom Lady $30.00

Poison Ivy $30.00

Poison Ivy $40.00

Poison Ivy & Catwoman ID=1932

Power Girl ID=1967

Psylocke ID=1938

Poison Ivy & Catwoman $30.00

Power Girl $30.00

Psylocke $25.00

Psylocke ID=1977

Red Sonja ID=1959

Red Sonja ID=1972

Psylocke $25.00

Red Sonja $30.00

Red Sonja $20.00

Rogue ID=1942

Rogue ID=1962

Rogue & Gambit ID=1929

Rogue $30.00

Rogue $40.00

Rogue & Gambit $30.00

Scarlet Witch ID=1940

Scarlet Witch ID=1968

Scooby-Doo ID=1935

Scarlet Witch $25.00

Scarlet Witch $60.00

Scooby-Doo $25.00

Shadow ID=1981

Shanna  ID=1939

Shanna ID=1957

Shadow $50.00

Shanna $40.00

Shanna $25.00

Shanna ID=1979

Shi ID=1963

Silk ID=2000

Shanna $200.00

Shi $40.00

Silk $25.00

Spider-Gwen ID=1941

Succubus ID=1947

Supergirl ID=1978

Spider-Gwen $30.00

Succubus $25.00

Supergirl $250.00

Vampirella ID=2003

Vampirella ID=1943

Vampirella ID=1960

Vampirella $40.00

Vampirella $40.00

Vampirella $30.00

X-Men ID=1961

X-Men ID=1964

Zatanna ID=1934

X-Men $45.00

X-Men $30.00

Zatanna $25.00